"Captain America has abandoned you, little one."

When I first saw this my heart sank. Shit went so real when I saw this and it’s a fucking kids show too!! How this be okay?!??
I realize something that is different from the movies. In the movies Bucky totally doesn’t know who or what he is. He confused and frustrated that he can’t it figure out. Hydra keeps reminding him what he is while Steve remind him who he is. That’s heartbreaking because he is so confused about choosing which one is right. A mission or a friend?

In the show it’s more as a tragic, Steve thinks Bucky doesn’t remember him but he DOES. He does remember Steve and being his sidekick. He didn’t before because he was in a trance by the Red skull. When he awaken he truly remembers everything. That would be good right? No, when realize who he is he wants to forget. He wants to forget Steve, his adventures, his name, everything. Because he angry at Steve for not saving him.
Bucky was 15 years old, he being forced against his will, he screaming for Steve, panicking even. Scared as a little child. Hoping for Steve to come. When he looks up at Red Skull he terrified! Bucky is either scared of Red skull himself or scared that he starting to believe what Red skull is saying. That Captain America wouldn’t come and save him.

That Bucky started to believe him. Maybe felted betrayed or heartbroken?

Bucky is angry and bitter to Steve because he left him alone to a monster that tortured him and train him to be weapon and emotionless almost his whole childhood.